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Design to Change is a book for anyone interested in how events can create
value for an organization including designers, owners, managers and senior leaders.

Alone, or as a companion to the Event Design Handbook, this book
was created to empower anyone to coordinate, collaborate and communicate with a common
deliberate methodology, a unified understanding and a shared language.



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It starts with a conversation...
If ever there was an apt chance to focus strategically on change, that time is now. And the new book by the incredible team from the Event Design Collective, Design to Change, may well be the intellectual and visual manual to help you reach your own ah-ha moment...

Michael Pinchera

Senior Editor, The Meeting Professional

Compulsory reading!
The Event Canvas is a comprehensive, step-by-step process that leads you through
event design wearing “stakeholder lens”, so each decision reflects multiple views points resulting in desired outcomes.
Amanda Armstrong, CMP, CED

Amanda Armstrong, CMP, CED

Director Corporate Travel & Meetings, Enterprise Holdings

A Valuable Resource
You will find the Design to Change handbook a valuable resource for the unpredictable
environment we experience and a great asset to articulate events and determine the behaviour
changes in your team or your organisation that will result in achieving your objectives...
a must have!
Vincent Roux, CED, MBA

Vincent Roux, CED, MBA

CEO/Founder, VR Consulting

Very empowering!
When you are eager to have conversations about the power of well designed events that really
make change happen ``Design to Change`` is a must-read. The book will for sure give insights
about how events stand out as a strategic tool in your conversations with management.
Ingrid Rip, CED

Ingrid Rip, CED

Director, Netherlands, Event Design Collective


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