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#WEC17 – MPI World Education Conference, 19-22 June 2017, Las Vegas, USA

As MPI’s World Education Congress #WEC17 unfolds at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas 19-22 June 2017, we documented the event in real time on an #EventCanvas. “Stop planning Meetings, Start planning Experiences”. Check out the link below for the latest updates or see the screengrab of the #EventCanvas here.

click on the “ENTER THE MURAL” button on the image below if you prefer an- interactive version.

MPI #WEC17, Las Vegas Jun 2017 by Ruud Janssen


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or click on the static image below if you prefer a quick (non-interactive) version. Watch this space for updates:

MPI WEC17 #EventCanvas day 3 update

MPI WEC17 #EventCanvas day 3 update