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Taking your event online? Virtual and Hybrid Event Case Studies + Resources + EDC Online Training

Sometimes we are forced to change our behaviours and we end up in uncharted territories.

This is one of those moments.

“Tumbleweed” vs Level Flight

Jet Pilots refer to your current situation as a “tumbleweed” moment. Without a proper gyroscope and compass it’s hard to know what’s up and down, too many signals to process. You can quickly loose your sense of time and orientation which can have dramatic effects quickly.

In the most recent edition of the European Meetings & Events Conference #EMEC20 in Sevilla for MPI, we had the opportunity to go on a very special learning journey.

We experienced how precious “TIME” can be in a jet fighter pilot simulation at the Airbus Aircraft Production Site with aircraft carrier jet pilot Pierre-Henri “ATE” Chuet.

I fondly remember his explanation of time recapped below (or see full article here):

If two jets aim towards each other at 1.8 times the speed of sound, they close at almost 1,200 meters per second.

At full power, a Rafale in an airshow can easily burn in excess of 800 liters of jet fuel per minute more than 12 liters per second. French naval aviators must stay sharp on the timing to aim at landing on the carrier within two seconds of the scheduled time after a training flight.

This is what the pilots and the crew of the boat (the boat has to be ready for recovery as well) aim for on a daily basis.

You might think it is a military cliché that doesn’t relate to your industry. 

You couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hardly did we realise on February 9th 2020 how closely this relates to our current situation across the globe.

When pilots are faced with a “Tumbleweed” situation, they acknowledge that this is the case and confirm that to flight control. The first step to take is to regain “level flight”. A stable position from which to regain control of what is happening around you so you are ready to accept your next mission.

Are you ready for your next (online) mission?

Our team has been involved in many different types of event designs and yes, we have (re)designed, researched and pivoted our fair share of events over the past decades.

We have bundled our experiences and case studies for you and made it available to you on a special Mural (our goto collaboration space online) besides using Zoom to work collaboratively.

If you would like to further explore these, please do reach out to us.

Virtual & Hybrid Event Resources for #EventCanvas user community by Ruud Janssen

You will enter this mural in View Only mode.

Learn & (re)design online

How do you enable your (online) team to (re)design your event + get them all on the same page.

Want to get started ?  In 2019 we have developed 10 in depth Event Design Modules + tools to get started quickly + bonus content featuring award winning case studies. 

See the sampler video here of what to expect. 

Are you interested in Event Design using the Event Canvas methodology and would you like to learn more ? When you take an interest in event design and want to get started using the Event Canvas, we know you can hardly wait. The Online Training platform has been created with you in mind. Pre-recorded modules (10) you can consume at your own pace, on your device anywhere anytime available here:

Event Design Online Training

We deliberately chose to keep the style informal and highly visual with Certified Event Designers and other practitioners interacting with the creators of the Event Design using the Event Canvas™ methodology.

We trust you enjoy the modules of learning and look forward to meeting you in person when the world regains level flight.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them, the community is eager to help you get started and become more and more proficient and look forward to hearing from you in the comments below how are you using your time?