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Launch Event Design Collective in The Netherlands 🇳🇱, Italy 🇮🇹 and France 🇫🇷

Basel, Switzerland | Velddriel, The Netherlands | Rome, Italy | Paris, France, 14 November 2018

With  successful partnerships in Spain, Germany, Canada and the Philippines now the Event Design Collective is delighted to announce the launch of new partnerships in The NetherlandsItaly and France.

Marga Groot Zwaaftink, CED will be building capacity in spreading the Event Design language across the Netherlands. Italy will be led by Andrea Vernengo, CED based in Rome.  In France, the Event Design Collective will be led by Vincent Roux, CED based in Paris.

Marga Groot Zwaaftink, CED

Marga Groot Zwaaftink, CED has been designing events for the past 2 decades with a focus on the Dutch market. She is the Managing Director of CommGres and has pushed the innovation boundaries with a pragmatic approach and enthusiasm that is contagious for the teams she works with. Marga leads the development of Event Design Collective in the Netherlands.

Andrea Vernengo, CED

Andrea Vernengo, CED  is an entrepreneur, born in Italy and has lived all over the globe. He has been involved in the Events Industry since 1994 and has been designing events for the past 2.5 decades.  As the CEO of GVST and helps clients design events worth attending in ‘the home of design’, Italy. Andrea leads the development of Event Design Collective in the Italy.

Vincent Roux, CED

Paris based, Vincent Roux, CED leads the development of Event Design Collective in France. For over 2 decades, Vincent has had senior roles and acquired a vast experience in the hospitality and meetings & Events sectors. Prior to establishing VRConsulting, he was Director of Sales and Marketing at Pullman Hotel, VP Global Sales at AccorHotels, Commercial Director at Regus and is an active Past-President of MPI France-Switzerland.

In a fast changing landscape, now more than ever teams want to learn how to collaboratively create shared experiences. They want to have fun by consciously designing for behaviour change using proven methodologies. The Event Design Methodology using the #EventCanvas™️ brings teams in a state of play to design. A user recently described the #EventCanvas as “a super helpful analogue system to track the past, organise the present + plan for the future”.

According to the founders of the Event Design Collective, it’s now time to democratize design. We are driven to enable everyone to use this collaborative team approach to create events that consciously change our world in the desired direction of change. There are currently some 7000 users worldwide, 1200 trained users and 150 CED – Certified Event Designers with an ambition to double these numbers year on year.

As multilingual CED Certified Event Designers and Trainers at Level 4 of the Event Design using the Event Canvas™️ methodology they will be the go to person in each respective market with the expertise to scale the efforts.  They work in close collaboration with the team at Event Design Collective.

The launch of the licensed partner network offers local partners the opportunity to offer Event Design Certification training in new languages, levels and geographies. As a result, trained facilitators using the Event Design using the #EventCanvas™️ methodology will become Licensees to use the method to train and consult future practitioners.

Look out for upcoming EDC training dates in your area.

For more information on the Event Design Collective in The Netherlands please contact Marga Groot Zwaaftink, CED.

For more information on the Event Design Collective in Italy please contact Andrea Vernengo, CED.

For more information on the Event Design Collective in France please contact Vincent Roux, CED.

For more information on the Event Design Collective at large please contact Ruud Janssen or Roel Frissen.