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It’s a wrap! The EDC MasterMind 2020 Live Online edition – Conversation Labs in action

It’s a wrap!

The live online EDC MasterMind 2020 edition is done and what a great ride it was. Online learning really does have a deserving spot in the future of sharing EVENT DESIGN with event practitioners.

Our 3 collaborative contact days were run like a tidy super yacht, with a very specific goal in mind… Empower the participants with strong new thinking frames and get them to have the conversations they would normally have trouble with. Roleplaying was used to experience the dynamic buyer conversation.

By preparing yourself using a metaphorical reversed SLIDE you learn to recognise the patterns and signals in a TRUST BUILDING conversation. The slide helps you to navigate through the pitfalls you encounter on the path to becoming a TRUSTED ADVISOR.

Claiming DESIGN-TIME for your EVENTS is a challenge best conquered by being prepared to ask the WHY questions and being very clear about WHOM you ask, WHEN. It is a cocktail best served by those who know the recipe ….in our case using the Event Design Methodology available at

For now…our biggest takeaways lie in our shared growth and an actionable frame to organise your own CONVERSATION LABS.


Thank you EDC Community, Paul Rulkens, Werner Puchert and of course my two Partners Ruud Janssen and Roel Frissen for your amazing energy and attention. It IS possible to learn online, just as long as you DESIGN it in the right way!

Dennis Luijer – Story Engagement Engineer

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