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Happy Holidays & let 2018 draw you into the #EventCanvas spirit!

When the year ends you ask yourself, how did this start back on January first of 2017?

Do you remember your Entering behaviour from last year. Reflect for a moment on your Exiting Behaviour and what the year 2017 has brought you and what you have brought to it.

What Jobs did you get done, what Pains and Gains resulted from your eventful year?

You committed 365 days of your time to work on those Expectations you set in your New Year’s resolutions. From your business or personal perspective, what costs and revenues are on your profit and loss statement?

Looking back at your Experience Journey, will this be a year to remember?

What is it you’ve learned. Has your chosen Instructional Design of 2017 helped you obtain the desired Gains?

This is a time to reflect on the promises you made to yourself and that 2017 has delivered to you. A time to renew your intentions and look forward as 2018 approaches by the hour.

We wish you a most wonderful upcoming Holiday Season and we’d love to draw you into 2018 with us.

The full Event Design Collective team is keen to be there for you in 2018, just like in 2017,

Angeles, Gerrit, Alissa, Annaliza, Drae, Dennis, Roel & Ruud

PS: Click on the link below to see how Dennis has visually drawn out 2017. Perhaps you can even contribute by leaving us your 2018 wish on the Mural below? Write it on a post or better yet draw it out and share on social media using #EventCanvas.

PPS: Did you know that, besides the more than 1000 prospective Event Designers that got introduced to the #EventCanvas in sessions in 2017 alone, the team above trained 382 Event Design enthusiasts in Level 1 of the Event Design Certificate Program and welcomed 52 new CED – Certified Event Designers to the community of Event Designers using the #EventCanvas?

2017->2018 #EventCanvas public by Ruud Janssen

You will be able to edit this mural.