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#FOMO Missed the #PCMAcl VEI session? Designing a Digital Event That Engages and Connects a Global Community using the #EventCanvas?

There was a lot going at the PCMA Convening Leaders conference in Vancouver, British Columbia and you may have missed this session or you may have missed out on #PCMAcl.

We’re delighted to help you temper your Fear of Missing Out (#FOMO) by sharing a recorded version of one of the sessions.

It was presented as a hybrid session by Ted Mooney, Todd Tolbert & Ruud Janssen, DES, CMM about the ‪#‎EventCanvas‬ design of the first ‪#‎iComm15‬ InterCommunity 2015 global hybrid event of the Internet Society for the Internet, by the Internet on the Internet?

The good news

If you missed it you can now take a look at it here in a recorded version of the full session:

or you can read the Convene article on InterCommunity 2015 here:

Prefer the Podcast?  check it out here:


Want to see the user generated content of #icomm15? See that version here:

Want to use the #EventCanvas for your event design? You can download it for free here: