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#EventCanvas of the 13th IMEX MPI MCI Future Leader Forum held in Warsaw Poland

Sometimes you have moments of delight and they are meant to be shared.

Check out what the students of Vistula University have just sent us!

#EventCanvas 18th IMEX MPI MCI Future Leader Forum Warsaw Poland

A fully visualized #EventCanvas as a thank you for their participation in the EDC YP class in March. It is a documentation of the 13th IMEX MPI MCI Future Leader Forum held in Warsaw Poland.

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It also includes a narrative of the Event Design in the document you can find below:

IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum Warsaw is the first international conference dedicated to students in Poland interested in the meetings industry. The students have an excellent and free opportunity to learn from and connect with the experts from around the world. Moreover, they have the possibility to take part in the International University Challenge (​IUC) sponsored by Marriott. The Future Leaders Forum (FLF) is a part of the Meetings Week Poland, the most important event relevant to the MICE industry in Poland.

#FLFWarsaw2018 was a full-day conference organised with the aim to encourage the brightest students to enter the fascinating MICE industry. The thirteenth edition was focused on the soft skills such as storytelling, personal branding and networking.
The unique program, which included Round Table Discussion, TEDx format speeches and the IUC, attracted 120 students from all over Poland to spend one exciting day at Vistula University.

Stakeholders :

  1. Future Leaders
  2. Organizers 2B Club ​(​Student Scientific Association for Business Tourism 2B)
  3. MICE Speakers/Experts

Sometimes, the students are not self-confident enough to become the leaders who are able to get the team together and organize big events and projects. ​They are also too passive and they might lack knowledge and skills related to the MICE industry.
Their jobs to be done are to register and to develop a bid for a conference (the IUC) and simply come full of energy. They leave #FLFWarsaw2018 self-confident, inspired but also determined for the next year’s challenge.
Their expectations are to learn from and connect with experts from all around the world as well as with fellow students. Moreover, they are excited to experience the unique event organised by students for students.
The satisfaction:​“Since then I feel I could really be a leader. I feel inspired by mentors. They opened my eyes for so many new things and opportunities.”
The commitment i​s 8 hours of being focused and active (miss classes?) as well as the preparation time to develop a bid.
The return is to receive a certificate, gain the new knowledge and skills and to connect with the MICE speakers and other students interested in the meetings industry in Poland.

The organizers are aware that 2B Club is the most powerful students’ association for business tourism in Poland. However, some members are too passive and not involved in organizing smaller and larger events. 2B meetings are also conducted in Polish language which is an obstacle for non-Polish speakers to join the club.
Their jobs to be done are to create a conference program, find speakers and sponsors, prepare welcome bags and to organize a registration and the IUC. They leave FLF Warsaw powerful and proud of themselves. The 2B members have finally the motivation and they are willing to be truly involved in the next events.
PAINS:​only a small group of people attend 2B meetings, only a few people are involved in the projects, should we speak Polish or English?
GAINS: the integration of 2B members by organizing the event, international exposure, promotion.
Their expectations are to gain the new members and the interest of the future sponsors and speakers. The organizers would be satisfied by reaching more fans on social media. They also aimed to be appreciated in the MICE industry.
The cost i​ncludes, among others, welcome bags, catering, certificates for speakers, scenography, photographer, ties and scarves for volunteers. No direct revenue.

The organization of the event requires time, dedication and can be very stressful for young leaders. On the other hand, they can gain the new knowledge and the motivation as well as build long-lasting business connections.

The speakers are already powerful and self-confident. They want to share their knowledge and skills with the young generation and make an impact. The majority of them are looking for the employees and they hope they will find the perfect ones at FLF Warsaw.
Their jobs to be done are to prepare the interesting speeches dedicated to students and provide information on #FLFWarsaw2018 facebook fan page. They leave the event proud of themselves. They inspired future leaders and they heard a lot of warm words about their speeches and skills.
PAINS:​speakers are busy and they feel they need to show up everywhere to promote themselves or their companies.
GAINS: promotion, students may become their employees (e. g. the internship for 2nd and 3rd place winners of the IUC), new contacts.
Their expectations are to spend a nice time with old friends and business partners. They would be satisfied if future leaders were impressed by their speeches (big applause!) and contacted them after the event.
The cost​is a transport, maybe new clothes and additional equipment for a speech.
No direct revenue.
The commitment is 8 hours out of the office and the time dedicated to prepare a speech and to make a presentation.
The return is a certificate, promotion for themselves and the company, a place and a friendly atmosphere for renewing business relationships.

By Magda Klimczyk, the IUC finalist 2018 candidate

Let me introduce you #InterTour team who is waiting for the new challenges!

Akhil Nitnaware
Arina Nikiforova
Bohdana Kolmychkova Daria Iermolina
Hiral Manoj Sheth
Naveed Khan
Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Le Pamela Lange
Raghuveer chintam Sridhar Serhii Kovalchuk


A big word of thanks to all the #InterTour students, Dr Krzysztof Celuch and Tom Hulton for enabling this groundbreaking event series.

Check out the full work of the students on Mural here:



You will be able to edit this mural.

We warmly welcome any of your suggestions and ideas on how we can involve more and more students to learn about Event Design and join in on the EDC YP (Young Professionals) programme.

Thank you again for the opportunity IMEX, MPI and MCI offer students to connect to the industry as future leaders.
This enables talent to shape their own future in one of the best industries on this planet. This really why we do it isn’t it?
Looking forward to meeting you at IMEX in Frankfurt soon.