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Phone: +31655192323 or +41792910623
Address: Uf der Holde 2, CH-4436
Oberdorf, Switzerland

Assistance hours: Monday – Friday
8 am to 6 pm CET


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Where can I get the Design to Change book?

The book is available for order online through our Tool Store. Click here to order your copy.

I already have the Event Design Handbook, do I need this book?

As event designers have come to embrace the canvas for its analytical methodology and its strategy management, there is still more to master. Additionally, not every stakeholder understands the value of investing in event design in the first place. This book will detail that value.
Although it arrives more than four years later, this book is not a follow-up to the Event Design Handbook. And it is not a prequel. It comes not before or after the 2016 book in terms of its concepts. It is instead a companion piece. You do not need to have read either book first in order to understand the other.

About #eventcanvas

& answers.

What is the #EventCanvas?

The #eventcanvas is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models.

It’s a visual chart with elements describing an event’s promise, how it helps stakeholders to get their jobs done, resolving pains and creating gains within a set framework of commitment and expected return. The canvas articulates how the behaviour changes as a result of having participated in the event as well as stating the required levels of satisfaction against expectations. Additionally the canvas outlines the costs and expected revenues in relation to the customer journey (service design) and the instructional design of the event.

How can I learn to apply the #EventCanvas methodology?

You can get trained online or in-person. Take advantage of a variety of highly visual and interactive approaches to start your journey. Each training can be taken as a standalone or combined to attain the CED – Certified Event Designer designation. See all of our training options here.

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